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Welcome to Valley Bikes!

Valley Bikes is your Mid-West destination for all your recumbent cycling needs. With 150 years of experience and service, we know what it takes to get you out there in comfort and style! Whether you're looking to tour the countryside, tear up the race track, our take a tandem trip with a friend, we have a set of two (or three!) wheels for you.

We stock and service the finest choices in today's recumbent market. From a speedy Greenspeed trike to a classic Rans long wheel base bicycle, you can rest assured that your experience will be of the highest quality.

So give us a call or stop by to see what a sheer joy it is to ride a recumbent!

"They say we all forget what it's like to be a kid when we grow up. They've obviously never tried a recumbent. Riding gives me a grin that's simply impossible to suppress!"
- Ted S., Valley Bikes customer